Photo Reportage: Lukovo Pole, Mavrovo National Park, Macedonia

[на македонски]

Lukovo Pole, an area in the Mavrovo National Park, the location called “Manipulation” – this is the site of the new dam and new pipelines. As you can see from the photos, the current pipeline already gathers the entire water from Radika river and takes it into Mavrovo Lake. And, currently, the water level is relatively high!

Why do we need new dams and new pipelines? Is the idea of the new project not to allow the surplus of the water to go through the Radika river bed, but to redirect them also to the Mavrovo hidroplants, and leave the river to die off, turning it into a sewage collector for the downstream villages. Without the water surpluses which flow over the “manipulation” during the rainy seasons, the springs in Rech and many others downstream will cease producing water and that would be the begining of the end for the whole region.

Патот кон Луково Поле.

The road towards Lukovo Pole.

Сувото корито на Радика помеѓу Луково Полеи и Стриземир.

Dry river bed of Radika between Lukovo Pole and Strizemir.

Постоечкиот цевковод кој ја носи водата од горниот тек на Радика во Мавровско Езеро.

The existing pipeline which takes the water from the upper part of the Radika water course towards Mavrovo Lake.

Коритото на Радика...

Radika river bed bellow the manipulation…

Луково Поле: постоечка водена манипулација каде се собира водата и се праќа во Мавровско Езеро.

Lukovo Pole: the existing water manipulation which gathers the water and sends it towards Mavrovo Lake.

Другата страна на манипулацијата, делот зад браната со собраната вода.

The other side of the manipulation, the part behind the dam with the gathered water.

Авторот на лице место.

The author on the spot.

Почетокот на мртвото корито на Радика низ кое би требало да течат вишоците вода, ако има такви.

The beginning of the dead river bed of Radika River, which is supposed to take in the water surpluses, if available.

Коритото на Радика над манипулацијата.

Radika river bed above the manipulation.

При изградбата на манипулацијата и цевководите, во раните 1950-ти години, загинале четириесетина работници. Споменик во нивна чест под манипулацијата.

Over forty workers perished during the building of the manipulation and the pipelines in the early 1950’s. A monument bellow the manipulation commemorates their sacrifice.

Lukovo Pole has already taken its toll with the lives of the construction workers who built the Mavrovo hydro-system about sixty years ago. We should not allow new harm to come to the whole region.


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